2009 Dive Reports

April 3-5 | May 22-24 | July 3-5 | July 17-19 | July 31-August 2 | August 21-23 | September 7-9


April 3rd, 4th & 5th

What a turn out this weekend. It’s a long time since almost all of the Bears got together for an outing. The weather was not the greatest but we survived against all odds. Really, the winds blew a little in the evenings, but during the day there was a lot of sunshine. The water did not like anyone in it until Sunday. A little bumpy Friday and Saturday. A few tested the water up at Fort Bragg on Saturday.  The newest member of our SeaBears*, Mr. Gary, was very, very into diving in his special spot and came back to camp with his limit and shared his abs at the Saturday nite dinner.  What a cook he turned out to be!  We are now calling him our new gourmet cook of the SeaBears. What a layout he set out for us.  We had way too much food, as usual and desserts galore.  At the weekend camp out were Tom & Doris P., Mr. Richard N., Gary, Bob T. & Ben T., Roger & Nancy H., Walt P., Dan & Jerry W., Dan’s “other wife”, Nancy B., Tom & Linda B., Bob & Judy S., Kevin & Margie P., Adam & Laura M. and Tom & Audrey C. came to drop in and enjoy our company. Just to let all of you Bears of the Seas know, on Sunday and Monday the ocean was like a table top.  No swells, very little wind and as usual the day we had to depart for home, in came the greatest diving conditions.  Well next dive we should do better.  My listing of the Bears at the dinner on Saturday night totaled 22 happy Bears.  Not bad for an outing.
 Rock fishing is supposed to open in May.  No salmon fishing again this year.  Oh well, the abs are out there waiting for all of you.

*Editors Note: The normally scheduled dive club meeting was not held on the first Wednesday of the month, and was postponed to Saturday afternoon.  At that meeting, Gary was voted in to the club.

May 22-24

In Attendance were: Jim and Kathy A., Tom & Audrey C., Nancy B., Gary D., Richard and her majesty, Queen Ann, Tom & Doris P., Walt P., Kevin & Margie P., Adam & Laura M., Daughter Meagon and friend Tomas, Ron & Michele R., daughter Chris with grandkids Brittany and Sara, Bob & Judy S. Bob T. and Dan & Geri W. and Adam’s friend Ken.

Arrived Thursday night to see several other Sea Bears already set up and settled for the night.

Friday morning was frenetic with Bob S., Richard N., Dan W., and Bruce from the campground all struggling to prevent a disaster in the making.  Overnight, Bob’s boat had taken on a load of kelp in the tide and was floundering.  They managed to get her floating properly and eventually back on the trailer where Bob and Judy spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning up gear.  Richard was having minor difficulty with his ramp but nothing a little brute strength and ignorance couldn’t fix.  Later Friday, Dan and I went out to “Walt’s Rock” and got some abs.  Dan pulled a 9 incher which was the largest for the weekend.  The ocean just wasn’t cooperating with us as the swells were large and coming from the west all weekend.

Saturday saw another late tide, but Dan W., Bob T., Bob S. and his friend Alex went out in the “B.A.D. Bouys”.  Ron R. back from surgery with a vengeance, went out with Tom C. and Gary d. in Gary’s RIB, the “lone Ranger”.  Some abs were taken, but with the swells playing nice, not many.  Richard N., Adam’s Guest Ken and I went to Salmon Creek to pull Richard’s crab traps.  Other than rollercoaster ride out and back, it was a bust.  Jim and Kathy A. came up with Kathy’s cousin following with her inflatable.  Somewhere from the time he picked it up until he got to Albion there had been an accident and the front seams of the inflatable came apart.  Very few things sadder than an inflatable with a droopy bow.  Meanwhile, the “Ladies Fort Bragg Garage Sale Scouts” made theri normal foray.  Saturday night’s potluck was not a bust though.  Lot’s of good food, with Gary again showing off his culinary skills with an appetizer plate normally found only at expensive receptions.  Also worth mentioning was Laura M.’s cheese, jam and bread plate.  Several of us went hunting for the cheese the following day.  Anice meal and then a good campfire.  What more could you ask for?

Sunday, Gary and “Bob squared” (Bob S. & Bob T.) went for a quick ab dive.  Don’t know how many they managed to get in those conditions.  Most of us either went for rides, hung out in camp or slept.  Another potluck and campfire and I believe all were satisfied.

Monday saw most of us pulling stakes and heading for home.  Another good weekend, even with a crappy ocean and all.

July 3-5

We had a small group that included Richard and Anne, Kevin and Margie, Bob and Judy, and Gary. The ocean calmed down and was flat. On Fri. Greg, Bob S., Kevin and Richard went to Nose Rock west of Elk. Richard fished while the others did a nice tank dive. They drove from 40-80 feet with 30 foot visablity and no surge. Bob speared a nice Ling Cod weighing 7lb. and 13 oz. Thanks to Kevin for his fish spotting service. On Sat. Kevin, Richard, Gary and Bob did a tnk dive at Salmon Creek Point with nice clear water. Bob and Gary did a second dive. Bob speared 2 more Lings and a vermilion. Had another wonderful pot luck with the tables set up Feng Shui. Sun. Bob and Gary did their 4th tank dive for the weekend by Colby Reef. Richard fished nearby. Good vis but no fish. All enjoyed tank diving.
Bob S.

July 17-19

Another small group consisting of just Dan and Jeri and Bob and Judy. Dan and Bob did 3 great dives in 2 days before the ocean kicked up. We've heard of Walt's Rock, Jack's Rock, Bob's Knob, etc. Bob has proclaimed a very nice cove south of Salmon Creek and north of the fish market as Dan's Lingcod Cove. Dove from 35 to 50 feet with 35 foot visablity and no surge. 4 nice Lings in 2 days. Bob got a 15lb. 2 oz ling and came in just behind Dan. Dan get's the prize with a Ling Cod weighing a whopping 17 lb. 1 oz.
Celebrated Dan's birthday after pot luck with a cherry cheese cake.
Bob S.

July 31-August 2

Club members present: Dan & Jeri, Ron & Michele, Joe & son, Richard, Tom B., Gary D and Brian Robbers.

Weather was great, the water was flat and the visibility was good, What more could you ask for?
The pot luck was so good on Saturday we decided to have one on Sunday.

Tank diving: Gary, Dan & Richard
Speared fish while tank diving; Gary & Dan
Speared fish while free diving; Joe & Tom
Abalone diving; everyone
Pole fishing; Richard

Largest Poled fish: Richard ,1lb.15oz - China Rockfish
Largest Speared Fish: Dan, 9lb.15oz - Lingcod
Largest Abalone: Dan, 8-5/8”

Largest Starfish: Tom, 11”
Reported by Dive Master, Ron R.

August 21-23

Present were Tom & Audrey, Richard, Walt, Bob & Judy, Tom & Linda, Ron & Michele, Kevin & Margie, Bob T., Ben, Dan & Geri & Avery, and Nancy B wih dinner guests of Bob & Karen Neil and a cameo appearance Friday morning by Roger H.

Diving conditions went from barely OK to terrible and stayed that way through the weekend.  I believe Tom B and I were the only divers to go beyond the Albion Cove area.  Tom and I pulled nice limits while most of the other limits were just legal.

We visited, ate, puttered around and even played some horseshoes.
I took my grand daughter Avery up the river and visited the black berry patch.  She mostly enjoyed operating the boat.
Pot Luck was fantastic.  There was a comment from our visitors on how great the food tasted, and extra emphasis on the fish.
Sunday and Monday, saddedned when we all broke camp to return to our home lives.  But, hope to see you all again on Labor Day Weekend.
Reported by Dive Master, Dan W.

September 7th-9th

Best weekend all year, flat waters, no wind and light fog.  Dan and Gary tied for the largest ab at 9”. Gary shot a nice ling on Thursday and Dan got enough rock cod for the potluck on Saturday night.  Ron packed some weight on his butt and now doesn’t get too cold while diving.
Everyone took a turn on the rope-a-dope game!  Ron and Michele’s daughter Chris pulled me out of a slump to tie our game.  No names to be told of a person trying to put a short ab in his partner’s tube or divers leaving stringers at the dock.
One member tried a new recipe for blackened potatoes.  Some chances for the Golden Ab award in these incidents.
These are the best months of the year for flat waters and good weather.  See you at the end of September!
Reported by Dive Master, Walt P.



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