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September 2009 Newsletter

Those attending the meeting at Albion were: Kevin & Margie, Richard and Ann, Dan & Jeri, Nancy B., Walt, Tom & Audrey, Gary, Ron & Michele and daughter, Chris.

Newsletter: Please get your dive reports in.

New Business: It was discussed and voted on to change the opening dive for the 2010 season to the second weekend in April.  That will be the weekend of April 9th-11th.  Following is the dive calendar for the year 2010.

Nancy B. brought a card to send to Doris whose sister passed at the end of August.  Our condolences to you Doris, Tom and all of your family.

There are still four scheduled dive weekends this year, remember to look at your dive calendar.

Our next meeting will be at Round Table Pizza on October 7th.

August 2009 Newsletter

Those in attendance at the meeting were: Tom & Doris, Walt, Gary, Tom & Linda, Dan & Jeri, Ron & Michele, Bob T. and Richard, Kevin & Margie.

Newsletter: Please get missing reports to Margie as soon as possible.

Membership: Doris reported that all dues are paid except for Brian Robbers.  Doris also passed the roster around the meeting so that people could check email addresses and correct anything wrong.

Webmaster: Web was updated and he thanks everyone who has sent pictures.  Kevin also reported if you are in support of Ships to Reefs, send a letter to your State representative showing your support.

Old Business: Something needs to be done regarding awards owed from last year.

New Business: Richad reported that Albion is taking reservations for the year 2010.  There was a form at Albion showing proposed closure areas on the coast for fishing.  Fishing season ends August 15th, 2009.

Meeting was closed at 8:10PM.  Our next meeting will be Labor Day Weekend at Albion, September 5th.

June 2009 Newsletter

Those attending the meeting were: Kevin & Margie, Walt, Tom & Doris, Dan & Jeri, Ron & Michele, Bob & Judy, Bob T., Tom & Audrey, Gary and guests, Alex & Darlene.

Vice President Richard sent everyone his greetings from Albion, hoping to see us up there for the weekend dive.

Membership: Doris reported there are still (3) members who owe their dues.  She is trying to contact them either via email or the phone since their monies are due by the end of this month.

Safety: Tom reminded everyone to be safe while diving since there are many more weekends available.

Webmaster has updated the website, remember to send pictures.

Newsletter: Please send or email (mcpuent@sbcglobal.net) any dive reports.  I am missing some and have attached those which I currently have.

New Business: It was reported that they ran out of water at Albion, Memorial Day  Weekend.  A note of caution to everyone that you should bring bottled water and fill up your holding tanks of your trailer.
At Caspar that weekend there were (11) individuals who were busted for having an illegal amount of abalone in their possession.
It was voted upon and accepted by the membership to cancel the July meeting since a number of members would be away and the September meeting would be held at Albion since so many people would be camping.
Bob S. read an article to us about a group of people charged for abalone poaching and found guilty.

Finally the Golden Ab award went to Bob S. whose boat almost completely sunk and was totaled by the insurance while camping Memorial Day Weekend.  He can claim his award from Bob T. who has the ab iron in his crab trap.

Our next meeting will be at Round Table Pizza on August 5th.  Have a wonderful sumer and we hope to see you at Albion or one of our scheduled meetings.

May 2009 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order by President Kevin at 7:34 PM.  Also in attendance were Ron & Michele, and guest, Walt, Richard, Bob T., Tom & Audrey, Tom & Linda, Dan & Jeri, Gary and Margie.

VP Richard reported the following dive might be cancelled due to water conditions.  He would call the few members who may be attending to let them know if it would be cancelled.  He also mentioned that addidtional dive masters were needed for some weekends.  Richard let us know that Tom P was not feeling well and that he and Doris, sent their best to everyone.  Doris did send a reminder to all members that they need to pay dues to be able to take advantage of our August free dive night.

Treasurer: Walt collected a check from Ron & Michele for their dues.

Secretary/Newsletter: Remember to send or email any Dive reports.

Webmaster: Reported that the website had been updated and there are multiple links he has added.  Send any pictures to update on the website.

Old Business: We are still waiting for pricing on Club clothing from Nancy B.’s nephew.

Meeting was closed at 7:50PM.  Our next meeting will be June 3rd.

April 2009 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order by President Kevin at 4:30pm. Also attending, Tom & Doris, Walt, Dan & Jeri, Nancy B., Tom & Audrey, Richard, Bob & Judy, Bob T. & Ben, Adam & Laura, Tom & Linda, new member Gary David and Margie. 

VP Richard commented on how good of a turnout we had for the weekend and at our meeting.

Safety Tom: Reminded everyone to be safe, “Another day another weekend”.

Membership: Doris reported that she had received payment from (3) more members. Money is due by June 30th.

Webmaster Kevin reported that the website had been update. He was going to put in some information that Richard gave him about the boating accident in the Gulf where the football players lost their lives. The newspaper reported that after investigations it was due to their inexperience and issues with their anchor and of course the weather conditions.

Old Business: Bob S. gave us a count on sweatshirt he still has at home.  Judy gave out jackets to those recipients of  Largest ab, poled fish and speared fish for 2007. Thank you to Judy for all of her work. Now we will look into awards for last year, Nancy B. is going to get pricing to get jackets or sweatshirts.

New Business:  There is a change on Dive Master for the next weekend, Roger will be dive master. There are still Dive Masters needed for some weekends. Roger made a motion that the dive year be changed back to a January to December. It was voted on by membership with a (13 yes and 7 no). 

The membership voted on accepting Gary D. as a new member to Diablo Sea Bears, Welcome Gary!

We had three recipients for Sea Bear of the Year: Richard N., Dan W. and Margie P.. Congratulations to everyone.

Golden Ab award was given to Bob T. for not winterizing his trailer and spending his weekend changing piping due to flooding.


March  2009 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order by President, Kevin.  Also in attendance were: Ron & Michelle, Bob & Judy, Richard, Bob T., Tom & Linda, Tom & Doris, Walt, Kathy & Jim, Dan, Guests: Gary and Alex McDonald.

Vice President Richard said that no winter camp out had been scheduled yet and that Abalone punch cards are now being sold.

Membership: Doris reported that there were (3) new paid members.

Safety:  Tom reminds all members to have their tanks serviced and check to make sure their gear is ready for opening day in April.

Webmaster:  No report.

Secretary/Newsletter:  No report

Old Business:  Awards for the year 2008 – Craig had the largest abalone, Ron the largest poled fish, and Dan the largest speared fish.  Bob S. will bring a count of sweatshirts, t-shirts and ball caps to our next meeting.

New Business:  Rock fishing will begin sometime in June.  The meeting for April will not be at Round Table Pizza but at opening weekend, Saturday, April 4th at Albion.  Hope to see lots of members in attendance.

The meeting was closed at 8:05PM

February 2009 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order by President Kevin at 7:30PM.  Those also attending were Richard, Tom & Linda, Tom P., Walt P., Kathy, Tom & Audrey, Judy, Dan & Jeri and Barbara, Greg and Margie.

Vice President Richard: reported that Heritage House had filed for bankruptcy.  Also that he was sending a signup sheet for anyone interested in a Winter Campout and Dive.

Membership: Tom reported that Doris was not there but he had collected dues from Tom C. and Kathy A.  $25.00 is due to Doris no later than June 30th.

Safety: Tom once again reminds all divers to check their gear and for all members to check their trailers to have them ready for opening in April.  Tom also reported that Albion has 8 sites set aside for the Sea Bears which are D10 to D17.  A reminder to everyone to get your reservations in to Albion.

Webmaster: Kevin reported that there will be new web pages: Dive News and Fishing News.

No report from the Secretary/Newsletter unless you have some information you want me to include in the Newsletter you can email to me at (mcpuent@sbcglobal.net).

New Business: We have to work on getting Awards from 2007 to recipients and thos from 2008 awarded.  Judy is working on those for 2007.

Old Business: Ballots were collected for Sea Bear of the Year which will be given at the Opening weekend  of Diving up in Albion.  We were told that this year it is a three way tie.

January 2009 Newsletter

The meeting was called to order at 7:30PM by President Kevin. Also in attendance were Dan & Jeri, Tom & Doris, Tom B., Bob T., Ron & Michele, Richard and Margie.

Membership: Doris reported that $25.00 Dues are due by June 30th.

Safety: Tom told all of our divers to make sure their dive suits hav been maintained and are ready for opening season in April.

Vice President: Richard gave a Thank You from all members to Dan & Jeri for our wonderful Christmas party.  He also recommended to all officers to send a message with another officer if you are not available to attend a meeting.

Webmaster: Kevin reported that he is updating the website once again.  Send any pictures or information that you’d like included.

Old Business: Ballots will be sent with newsletters for “Sea Bear of the Year” which will be voted on at the February meeting.  If you want your vote to count please join us or send your ballot to one of the officers to bring to the meeting.

New Business: Dive Calendars have been sent to all members.  We need additional Dive Masters for the balance of the year.  We pulled dates out of a hat for (2) free weekends of you having to stay two nights and get one night free.  They are Opening Weekend, April 3rd and 4th, and the weekend of August 21st and 22nd.

We have a prospective new member, Gary D., joining us for our meeting.  Hopefully we will see him at the future meetings.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 4th.


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