2010 Dive Reports

DSBDC Dive Report for October 1st & 2nd, 2010

Arrived Friday evening to an empty campground.  No other Sea Bears in camp, but our guests (our son, his girlfriend and her brother with his girlfriend were there for a wedding) had been there and set up a tent.  Quiet evening.

Saturday woke to light overcast and wind.  Seas did not look good, so no diving.  Richard drove down from Fort Bragg to check and decided it was a good day for housework.  He came back for dinner with desert.  Halfway through dinner Kathy and Jim (just back from Washington) pulled up, so it was a potluck after all.  We had a campfire for 5 and it was nice and cozy.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed for home.  Richard retrieved his boat from the boneyard to bring home for the season.

No fish, no abs, no activity.


Roger’s Dive Report for September 17-19, 2010

We were almost scared off from bad weather reports with the threat of rain, but glad we all didn’t back out.

Bob & Judy got to Albion on Friday and were planning to pick up their trailer to bring it home.  But since others were going to be there, they decided to stay!  Richard was staying at his house in Fort Bragg.  I arrived on Saturday morning early and so did Dan.  The weather was nice and the ocean was pretty good…  Bob, Dan, Richard and I went abalone diving on Bad Buoys and due to a small southwest swell and very little wind, we were able to dive in an area that we normally can’t get in.  The water was very clear and good diving for all. 

Later, Bob & Dan picked up their SCUBA gear and spear guns, then went back out for a dive.  They returned with two nice stringers of fish.

We had a good potluck and nice time around the campfire.  The rain came in after we went to bed.  We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning and packed up and left for home.

There were no abalone measurements because none were over 9-inches (& we didn’t have an accurate gauge). 

Good stringers of fish, but no record breakers.

Dive Report, Labor Day Weekend, 2010

Drove up Thursday night to an empty campground.

Friday:  Richard and I went out to wet a line in the morning.  No salmon but we released a small lingcod on the way back in.  Swells were large but no wind waves, really not bad out there.  Tom and Audrey arrived while we were out, as did Ann.  Slowly but surely, members started showing up.  Dan, Jeri and daughter Barbara with Dan’s “other wife”, Nancy, Walt, Bob T., Ben and John P. with Ginger (Wasn’t that a movie title, “ 3 Men and a Dog.”?).  Both Tony, and Max came in late Friday night.  Nice night… cool but clear finally, good campfire.

Saturday:  Brian came up from Manchester to join us.  Dan, Bob T, Max and Tony in BadBouys.  Brian, Richard, Tom and me in NorthSea.  All limited our abs down at Salmon Creek in “interesting conditions” (Bob T. got his abs before he started “chumming”.)  Max got the biggest ab of the weekend 8-15/16+ inches… Oh just say 9 inches!  The Ladies went on their normal garage sale shopping spree, but were kind of disappointed due to Paul Bunyan Days taking up all the locals’ time.  Another great potluck and campfire though.

Sunday:  Max and I went to Van Damme for a tank dive before Max had to drive home.  (Max got back to camp an hour before he was due back in Pleasanton.  Sheesh!, not gonna make it, bud.)  Richard, Tom, Brian and ? went back to Salmon Creek.  Then, since conditions were not conducive to anchoring (much less diving), came back to Albion.  Brian speared some fish though.  Walt and Tony both headed home.  Potluck, both left overs and fresh, and another nice campfire lifted everyone’s spirits.

Monday:  Tom and Audrey, Margie and I left fairly early to avoid the rush at the dump station.

Kevin J Puent, Sr.
Dive Master

Sea Bears August 20-22 Dive Report

Well I didn’t start the packing process until Friday morning, about the time I made it to Albion it was around 4PM. Tom and Audrey were the first to be seen and Richard was poking around the pier and shown up shortly after. I went to the bone yard and retrieved Bob Tozzi’s Palatial palace on wheels, Bob and I were a Batching it this weekend and I was anxious to get my kitchen together so I could relax a little and get with the guys for some plans for Saturday. This was only the third time I had been able to come up on a club function this year because of work so I wanted to make the most of it.

Saturday morning it looked like seven of us were diving and Bob Rice made a guest appearance much to the chagrin of Dan, I took him in my boat with Bob T. Water was bumpy and greeeen! But I’ve seen worse Everyone got their abs and soon we were in the boats doing the tagging process we were at Heritage House and I was anchored in a channel close to the entrance to the cove. I had tagged one ab and was pulling the other two out of the float which was still in the water and the abs were stuck together they caught on the fabric and I lost my grip and both bounced off the boat tube and hit the water with me head first trying to grab them before they got too far away. I had my suit on of course but no gear and didn’t have a chance. I surfaced meet the surprised looks of both Bobs “What happened?” they asked I said just hand me my fins please I said. I looked over at my depth finder 42 Ft I always figured I had been on some dives to that depth but never actually had any accurate way to measure it and it was a little different when you know that’s how deep you have to go. First dive down, there they were in the channel. I grabbed them and started heading for the surface its then you really realize how deep you are because it definitely takes a lot longer it seems to come back. When we got back to camp Richard was sporting a beautiful 27 inch Coho… I mean King Salmon great fish Richard congratulations. Pot luck was excellent of course. Sunday most folks packed up and left I stayed on and hung out with Bob & Judy along with some friends of theirs that were neighboring next to them in the upper class section. We had an unofficial potluck Sunday evening and shared a rare clear night under the camp fire.

Thanks to all the Sea Bears that were there for the trip and if I missed anyone please don’t be offended I am handicapped with too much aluminum in my brain

Tom & Audrey, Dan & Jerry, Bob & Judy and guests, Tom, Tony, Bob Tozzi and Gary


DSBDC Dive Report, May 7 – 9, 2010

By Roger

Nancy & I arrived on Friday afternoon to find Tom & Audrey, Bob & Judy, Bob T. & Richard, Dan, Jeri & Barbara had already settled in.  Dan & Bob S. had been abalone diving and had a successful dive with beautiful conditions!  Richard had gone fishing and caught a nice salmon (over 10 pounds).  We all gathered around the fire and told stories.  Then we all retired to our trailers with Bob T. & Richard sharing the “Brokeback” trailer.

 Saturday morning we woke up to sunshine and flat water.  It   was decided that I would act as Dive Master in Gary’s absence. Dan, Bob T., Bob S. and Tom went out in “Bad Buoys” and dove for abalone.  They had another successful dive with Dan bringing in abalone over 9-inches.  Richard went out fishing in his boat with Chase, and was successful again catching an even larger salmon.  I took my Kayak out in front of the big rock and had some of the best diving ever in years, with 40+ feet visibility, but cold, cold water (42o F) and my limit all over 9-inches!

 Saturday night we had our potluck and enjoyed another great feast with a variety of dishes.  Afterward we sat around to the fire and told more stories.  It didn’t seem like it was going to rain (as forecasted), but we did get some in the middle of the night.  Not bad the next morning for packing up. 

 Richard, Dan and Bob T. took Richard’s boat out to pick up crab traps and dive.  We left before they returned, so have no report on their success. 

 Another nice dive weekend with good friends!

Largest Fish on a Pole:  17 pounds, 33 inch Salmon caught by Richard.

Largest Abalone:  9 inches taken by Roger.

DSBDC Dive Report, April 9th-11th, 2010

Well, for those of you who didn’t make it, the seas were not conducive to diving (or salmon fishing).  Our divemaster of record wasn’t able to make it due to illness, so we took over for the weekend.  Many of us arrived early enough on Friday only to see big swells pushing in from the northwest.  In attendance were Dan & Jeri and their daughter Barbara & Nancy B, Richard, Roger & Nancy, Tom & Audrey, Bob & Judy, Walt & guest Jerry N. (former member, who knows, maybe he’ll rejoin?), Tom & Linda (with their daughter, son-in-law and grandkids), and prospective members Max C. and Jerry C.  Friday night we had a nice campfire though, all the while hoping that Saturday would be calmer.  Max regaled us with stories of his camping/hunting experiences with a tank gun while in the Army.  A nice night, as usual.

Saturday AM:  The swell was still up and spirits were dampened, but not extinguished.  While many of us went about with shore side activities such as the ritual garage sale hunt, shopping or visiting Richard and Anne’s new place, two of the group went to Van Damme to dive.  Max and Jerry C, went out for breakfast and decided they had to get in the water where it was a bit more protected.  Both came back with their limits.  Max got a respectable 8” ab while Jerry came back with an 8-7/8”er, (they were measured on “Ron’s Official Abalone Scale”, recently cleaned and painted by Tom C.) setting the mark to beat for the biggest abalone.  Jerry then offered his abs to club as his contribution to the pot luck.  He was given lots of support in cleaning and pounding and cooking them up.  Unfortunately, Max had to leave early to go home, before the club’s scheduled 4:30 meeting.

The meeting was called to order, with reading of the minutes, officer’s reports and taking care of business as usual.  Golden Ab Iron Award went to Roger because his power (except for his microwave) was out until after looking at all his breakers and trying to get assistance from others, Nancy reset the GFCI on the outlet in the bathroom and everything stated working.  As new business, because Jerry Casey has attended two meetings (this weekend’s being one of them) and having shown his immense prowess as an ab diver, and (even after seeing our camping habits) having confirmed he was still interested in joining, Tom B. nominated him for membership and the club voted him in.  Welcome Jerry!  Since Max had left earlier, I didn’t feel it would be right to nominate him when he didn’t have a chance to say no.  If he’s still interested, we’ll vote on it at the next meeting he attends.  As the last bit of business, the new “perpetual” award plaques were presented (though not in perpetuity):  Largest Abalone went to Dan for his big 10”er (that’s abalone, folks), Largest Rod Caught Fish went to Richard, Largest Speared Fish also went to Dan and Sea Bear of the Year went to Margie Puent.

After such an exciting meeting, everyone got ready for dinner.  Jerry C.’s abalone were delicious, as was everything else prepared by our members.  We were afraid the wind and rain would disrupt the meal, but it held off until after the campfire.

Sunday woke to rain.  Sometimes it was heavy, sometimes it wasn’t, but it kept coming down.  As I was attempting to pull out for the site, my tires started spinning.  Uh oh, two wheel drive and wet dirt don’t mix.  Bob S. came out of his trailer, threw me a tow strap, jumped in his truck and had me on solid ground in a flash.  Thanks Bob.  I think I know who’ll be nominated for Golden Ab at the May meeting.  Unless someone else got stuck, too.

Kevin Puent

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