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 November 2010  Diablo Sea Bears Newsletter

Attending were Tom & Linda Brooks, Tom & Audrey, Craig, Linda and Caitlin, Alex, Richard & Ann, Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Walt, Bob T. and Margie.

 Minutes from October meeting were read and approved. VP Tom reminded members to return completed Ab cards by January 31, 2011. That we still have one scheduled dive weekend on Thanksgiving weekend. Crab season begins this Saturday, Nov.6th.

Webmaster: Kevin sent word that the website had been updated.

Safety: Dan told members that we are experiencing large rough water and that members should just let the abalone grow.

Old Business: Tom Crist explained to members what he meant by changing the Golden Ab Award for good deeds. It needs to be for a good deed done by one of the members and if we don’t have a recipient that is okay.

New Business: Richard told members that Bruce and family will be leaving Albion at the end of the year. They will be greatly missed. Tom C. asked members if anyone would be interested in a day trip to Albion for diving.

Christmas Party will be at Richard and Ann N.’s residence. (Attached to the hardcopy newsletter,please find flier and map). If you weren’t at the meeting and plan on attending please contact Richard or Ann to let them know what you will bring. Remember we will have our gift exchange with a $20.00 limit.

Congratulations to all new Officers for 2011!
President – Tom B.            Vice President – Tom C.
Secretary – Gary D.            Treasurer – Walt P.
Membership – Linda B.       Safety – Dan W.
Webmaster – Kevin Puent   Newsletter – Margie Puent

The next meeting is December 1st at Round Table Pizza.

Margie Puent

October 2010 Newsletter

Attending was: Tom & Linda B., Tom & Audrey, Dan, Craig & Linda, Doris, Bob S., Bob T., Margie and visitor Tony A.

VP Report – none

Membership Report – none

Webmaster Report – absent, no report

Newsletter Report - Send in dive reports.

Safety Report - Dan reminded members to not push your luck in the water. Due to bad water conditions there have been many rescues this year.

Old Business: Bob S. reminded everyone he still has some Dive Bear’s clothing. Anyone interested in ordering other sizes let one of the officers know of your interest and we can look into making an order. Tony A. offered to look into digitizing. Tom C. mentioned he wanted to know if anyone was interested in the dive the weekend of October 15th.

New Business: Doris asked if anyone would be interested in taking over delivery of “California Diving News” and Tom Brooks said it could be sent to his address. Margie was going to look into changing of the address.

There was discussion as to whether Tony Aveda should be voted in as a member of the Sea Bears once again. Members voted no after it was discussed he was pulling small abalone and putting into members boats and floats, or wanting to toss back in and try to get larger abalone. Severe fines and possible loss of boats could be made by Fish & Game if they were to check. Craig told Tony that he had not voted because he felt he could not pass judgment but what he heard about Tony in the past he would have voted no.

Tom Crist made a motion to have the “Golden Ab Award” given for good deed performed by a member instead of something bad that may have happened. The motion was voted upon and approved. Margie nominated Richard for his stopping to help Kevin and her when we had truck problems returning from Albion the first dive weekend in August. He stayed on the side of the road with us and followed us to Cloverdale where we waited for CSAAA.  The membership there voted and approved of Richard being the Golden Ab Award recipient. Also, Bob T. said he would be making a new award for the club to be given.

Following are the nominations for Officers for the Year 2011.  Attached is a ballot which you can complete and give to another member in a sealed envelope to be counted at the November meeting.

President: Tom B. or Gary D.
Vice President: Gary D. or Tom C.
Secretary: Gary D.
Treasurer: Walt P.
Membership: Linda B.
Safety: Dan W. or Bob S.
Webmaster: Kevin Puent
Newsletter: Margie Puent

September 2010 Newsletter

Those at the Albion River Campground for the meeting were Kevin and Margie, also attending: Walt, Tom C. Dan, Bob T., and Max. Guests: Brian R., John P. and Tony A.

No reports from Vice President and Membership.

Newsletter: Margie reminded all dive masters to remember to get your reports to myself or Kevin.

Treasurer: Walt reported the balance was the same as last month.

Safety: Dan told member to remember to be safe when you go diving out in the water.

Website: Kevin reported he needed to update the site and add pictures which he had received. He also told members that the North Coast Divers Assoc. wants to maintain the 3 ab limit. The commission is trying to change to a 2/day limit and 9 or 15 per year. He will have a link to their website soon.

Old Business: Walt told our visitors and members that he wanted to remind them that when they go out in one of the members boats it is a custom to give $10 to the person whose boat you are in to help with costs incurred.

New Business: None

Golden Ab award – no nominations.

Our Next meeting is Wednesday, October 6th at Round Table Pizza.

Margie Puent, Newsletter

Diablo Sea Bears – August 2010 Newsletter

Attending were: Walt, Doris, Tom B., Bob T., Gary, Richard, Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Alex, Max, Kevin and Margie. Visitors: Steve V.H., Paul L., and Tony A., an old member.

 Welcome back to Doris, it was great to see you. Doris will continue as Membership officer if someone will pick her up and bring her to the meeting. Thank you to Richard for bringing Doris and many other members offered to pickup.

 Dan told us that the water conditions have been bad this year. Don’t put yourself in a situation. Wait until the waters are better and remember to maintain your gear.

 Kevin reported that he would be updating the website and remember to get those pictures to him.

Gary mentioned that if you get into a situation where you need help that 911 isn’t always the best number to call. Call Fish&Game/Caltip (1-888-334-2258) since they are very familiar with the waters and coves up and down the coast.

New business: Richard mentioned that Chase had called to let him know that since our spot was not full with reservations he was going to start giving some of them up. If you plan on going, try to call and make a reservation. Especially on a weekend like this which is the reopening of abalone season.

Richard also reported that there have been some issues of petty theft in the campground. Remember to keep your trailers and trucks locked when not around camp. If you get a chance look at the book in Albion office that has information regarding the MLPA. Richard also passed out bumper stickers in support of keeping waters open for fishing and diving in the Albion area.

Steve and Paul reported they had been abalone diving on Tuesday up in the area of Red Barn. Waters were calm and visibility was good.

Max mentioned that he would be interested in going to the Channel Islands for a lobster dive. If anyone is interested please contact Max for planning and carpooling.

The Golden Ab Iron Award went to Gary who was dive master and forgot his weekend.

Margie reminded everyone that time for a Christmas Party is getting near. Kevin and I will not be able to host this year. We hope that someone else will step forward. Please let us know.

Another note of information, since the September meeting is near the Labor Day weekend, we voted to have the meeting up at Albion. There will be no meeting at Round Table in September. It will be held on Saturday, September 4th at Albion before our potluck dinner.

Our next meeting at Round Table will be Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

Margie Puent

Diablo Sea Bears Newsletter, June 2, 2010

 In attendance: Dan, Jeri & Barbara, Richard, Tom & Audrey, Alex, Walt, Tom & Linda, Bob T. Kevin and Margie.

Visitors: Steve V. H., Paul L., Max C. and Rodney B.

No reports from Vice President, Secretary, or Membership.

Webmaster: Kevin reported that when we were at Albion on Memorial Weekend he was speaking with a man with the Albion Harbor Regional Alliance. There is a link which he will put on our website for people to give support to the cause.  Richard encouraged all members to sign the form in support.

New Business: It was voted by member to cancel our July meeting. Our next meeting will be August 4th at Round Table Pizza.

Max C. was voted in as a new member of our club. He shared a story about how divers need to checkout your dive equipment after you’ve had it serviced. Max had his regulator serviced and while diving in Monterey found out that a part was missing. Fortunately he stayed calm and had no problem.

Dan W. was voted in as our new Safety Officer.

A moment of silence was taken to remember the passing of our member Tom P. It was voted that a donation be given to the Emphysema Society in his name.

Walt was going to speak with Doris and ask if she could look in their trailer for the club scale.

Newsletter: All dive masters remember to send or email your dive reports to either Kevin or myself (mcpuent@sbcglobal.net). This helps us keep a record of what has been caught/taken on our dive weekends.

Happy diving and fishing in Albion. Our following dive weekends are June 11th to 13th, June 25th to 27th, July 2nd to 5th.  Don’t forget, no meeting in July.

Margie Puent, Newsletter

May 2010 Diablo Sea Bears Newsletter

Those attending the meeting were: Bob & Judy S., Dan, Jeri & Barbara W., Tom B., Walt P. and Kevin & Margie P..

Guests: Steve V. H., Paul L. and David L..

Tom B. handed out letters to use for gifting abalone and also copies of Salmon and Rockfish regulations.

Kevin reported that the website had been updated and he had put links for Marine Maps for the reserves on the website.

Bob S. reported the inventory he has of clothing. (3 hats, 3xl hooded sweatshirts, 1xl hooded zippered sweatshirt, 1 large not hooded sweatshirt, 2xl t-shirts and 1-large t-shirt). We will have signup sheets to see if anyone is interested in ordering other clothing.

There is one correction on the dive calendar that the weekend in August is the 6th and 7th.

We need to find out who has the scale. Hopefully it will be given to Walt who is the next divemaster on the Memorial Day weekend.

Alex MacD. had cataract surgery and is hopefully on the road to recovery. Tom P. was not at the meeting because he had fallen down and was not feeling well after his fall. I received a call yesterday from Doris that Tom fell again and is in the Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek. If any Sea Bears can make it, I know that he can have visitors.
(Editors Note: Tom Passed on May 16th.)

We had a guest speaker David Laird, a freediving instructor who gave a presentation. Showed us two DVD’s he had and we were all amazed at the size of huge fish they were able to spear without using SCUBA. Kevin will put his dive class schedule on the website. It would have been nice if more members could have attended.

Our next meeting is June 2nd at Round Table Pizza.

Margie P.

April 2010 Newsletter

Those attending our April 10th Meeting in Albion were: Dan, Jeri and Barbara W, Nancy B, Richard N, Tom & Linda B, Tom & Audrey C, Walt P, Bob & Judy S, and Kevin & Margie P. Guests were: Jerry C and Jerry N.  Max C, another guest was unable to stay for the meeting.

It was noted that letters were sent to past members who had not paid dues for 2010 to see if they are still interested in membership with the Diablo Sea Bears.

Webmaster Kevin mentioned that he had updated the website and had put a link to the salmon season information. Remember to send pictures that you want put onto the website.

VP Tom B will be drafting a letter that can be used by members for gifting of abalone.  (A copy can be downloaded by clicking here.)

The dive calendar has been extended for the months of September and October and Thanksgiving weekend.  See the calendar.  We still need some dive masters.

Bob S suggested a halibut dive in Monterey. Please let Bob know if you are interested. Michele R gifted Ron’s abalone measuring gauge to the club, and Tom C cleaned it up and put a new coat of paint onto it, which was already used this weekend.

Jerry C. was voted in as a new member of the club and paid his $25 for membership to Walt.

The following plaques were presented for the 2009 year.
   Biggest Abalone and Biggest Speared Fish – Dan W.
   Biggest fish caught on a pole – Richard N.
   Sea Bear of the Year – Margie P.

Kevin thanked Bob S. for getting the plaques. Congratulations to all recipients.

Our next meeting is May 5th at Round Table Pizza when we have a guest speaker on free diving.


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