2011 Dive Reports


We apologize for the derth of reports this year.  Weather and ocean conditions did not cooperate and many of the dive masters did not feel it was worth reporting when no one went out.

Sea Bears Dive 5-14-11

I apologize for the belated dive report and really have no excuses other then recovery from surgery with a new hip and all the wonderful drugs you get to come off of post surgery.

Saturday morning Fearless Leader [El Presidente] met me at Dan’s house at 5 AM.  We decided to make a day trip and ride up together because  the weekend weather was iffy?  We also talked about staying for the potluck and just purchase something in Mendo to contribute.

The ride up was very pleasant and we had good guy conversations about hunting and various other manly endeavors.   With my renewed and second chance at an active outdoor life again I decided to really get back into hunting however this time I plan to concentrate on bow hunting.  I really have missed getting out in the wilderness and it’s been ten years since I was able to put a back pack on, but that will soon change.

 Upon arriving at Albion we realized we were the only Bears in the campground, so after doing our thing in the office we suited up and launched the boat.  Water was semi rough so we headed to Heritage house and tucked into the sheltered cove.  The water was a bit dirty but we had halfway decent Vis towards the bottom. Of course we all managed our limits, nothing to write home about but it was very nice just getting back into the water, even though I only had 11/2 legs to do it with. It’s been that way anyway for years but again that will also change.

  Since it did not look like we were going to have a potluck we went into Mendo for a nice lunch and headed back towards home.  We stopped at an archery shop on the way and Dan and Tom showed me the new bows which have changed quite a bit from my old two pulley Ben Pearson. I look forward to hunting with Dan and Tom in the near future, and I also want to thank Dan for going out of his way to print me up a bunch of literature on the new equipment out there. The new technology is staggering and I will have to do some more research before making a decision.


The scheduled dive of the weekend of  14th October got postponed to the 20th due to crappy conditions. The forecast looked good, with calm seas all week. Roger and Nancy went gambling, and I think Dan went down with the creeping crud (sinus issues). I drove down to Albion early Saturday and met up with some divers, they call themselves the “Benicia Flipper Nippers” (two of them are of Japanese descent) and we had a nice ab dive with 30 ft vis.  Matt who used to run “Dive Crazy” out of Schooners Landing got a nice 10inch ab between Salmon Creek and Navarro. Had a roaring fire Saturday night and used up some of wood that has been accumulating all year. It was a glorious evening with no wind with the added bonus of the Space Station coming over as soon as it got dark.
(Editors note: Of course the conditions were superb and no Sea Bears besides the dive master were there.  Go figure!)



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