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  January 2011

Members attending our January 5th meeting were: Tom and Linda, Tom and Audrey, Gary, Doris, Bob and Judy, Richard, Craig and Linda, Bob T.  Guests were Steve and Paul. 

Kevin and Margie.

Linda Brooks mentioned that she is getting all of the membership information in order and will let people know who stills owes dues for the year 2011. If you haven’t paid, please get those checks to Linda.

Kevin mentioned about a report regarding a lobster diver who was lost near Catalina Island.  The diver was lost in a cave while diving, so be safe while diving. Gary mentioned about the crab fishermen who when coming back to Half Moon Bay put their boat on auto pilot and went to sleep. When they woke up they had run aground with the boat on its side. We cannot express the importance of boat and diving safety.

Kevin read a letter from Reef Check California who expressed interest in coming to speak with our group about volunteering to do reef checks of the northern California rockie reef ecosystem and training classes they have available. We will discuss at the next meeting if the members are interested in having them come and speak at a meeting.

Tom C. brought his new fishing license and abalone license to show what they look like and said that members can go and buy them now so they will be ready for the 2011 season. Tom also spoke with Daryl, the new manager at Albion, and made reservations for camping. Members remember to call and make your reservations soon. A dive schedule was made at our meeting and will be sent to all members. We will need dive masters for all of the weekends scheduled.

Finally, a reminder to members who received awards last year for Largest poled fish, largest speared fish and largest abalone and Sea Bear of the Year. Please bring plaques to February meeting so that we can get them engraved for the 2010 recipients. We will be voting in February.

Margie Puent, Newsletter


Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Vice-President Tom Crist. Also attending was: Audrey, Linda Brooks, Gary, Doris, Walt, Craig and Linda, Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Alex, Bob T., and Kevin and Margie.

Membership: Linda collected dues from Alex and said she believed everyone had paid for the year. She would review everything and report at the next meeting.

Safety: Dan mentioned how important it is to be safe when diving and don’t go into caves alone because you can become very disoriented.

Webmaster: Kevin mentioned he had updated the website.

Old Business: None

New Business: Dive Masters are needed for the upcoming dives. We only had a few members signup to be in charge. If you can’t make it to a meeting and would like to volunteer you can always send an email to one of the officers and they can make sure it gets onto the calendar or just call one of the officers.

At the February meeting there will be a vote for “Sea Bear of the Year”. If you won’t be attending the meeting, please complete the form on the bottom and send me in a sealed stamped envelope to be opened and counted by someone at the meeting.

It was discussed the Walt has the abalone measuring gauge and Bob T. has the flag and scale. All which will be available for the opening of dive season.

Margie Puent, Newsletter


 Attending were: Tom & Linda, Dan, Richard, Tom & Audrey, Bob T., Kevin and Margie. Guests: Steve, Paul and Paul Oulton. Gary stopped by to drop off the minutes.

Membership: All dues are paid. Still unsure about Kathy & Jim Anderson.

Safety: Dan told everyone to be careful when driving since roads are wet and slick. Make sure you have your dive equipment serviced and ready for the beginning of abalone season in April.

Webmaster: Let us know that he had received a note from All about Scuba in Fairfield and they are having a swap meet this month and he will put the information on the website.

Old Business: What few members present we voted on Sea Bear of the Year.

Margie to include a ballot to all members who were not present and ask that if they want their vote counted to please send to Tom Brooks at 2684 Shady Draw, Pinole, CA 94564 by March 10th. We need to get names to engraver for the plaque

New Business: Tom was going to look into getting an inventory of what clothing is available and if anyone is interested in having new sweatshirts, shirts, etc. ordered? Attached is a copy of the Dive Calendar and as you can see we need signups for dive masters. If you can signup for one of the weekends, please contact Tom or send him and email at (1tombrooks@comcast.net). Tom also brought in an article about the magnetic north shifting and Kevin will add to the website. There was also some discussion about there possibly being a full season of salmon and whether that would be such a good idea.

Steve Van Horn brought in flier regarding a class being given by Dr. Terry Maas in Sacramento for free diving. Steve also mentioned that he and Paul would be taking a free diving class at Wallen’s Dive Shop in San Carlos. If anyone is interested in learning more about free diving you can check it out on the internet. Information will be included on the website. Steve also shared a book he got that is about Northern California Marine Protection Areas which he got from the Department of Fish and Game. 

Richard brought in a packet with tides for the Albion area through the end of the year.

Our April meeting will be at Albion on Saturday, April 2nd. No meeting at Round Table.


Our meeting at Albion Campground, attending: Tom & Linda, Richard, Tom & Audrey, Dan & Jeri, Bob & Judy, Roger & Nancy, and Kevin & Margie. Max and his wife Irina stopped by for a short visit.

Dive Master Tom C. thanked  member who came for the weekend campout. Unfortunately no one was able to go diving due to water conditions.

 Linda reported that we have 26 paid members. She collected money for (3) sweatshirts and (2) hats which were sold.

 Dan told members to be safe: Don’t get into the water under the conditions we had this weekend.

Newsletter: Now that the new dive season has started, remember to get your dive reports sent or emailed (mcpuent@sbcglobal.net) as soon as possible.

Old Business: There was some discussion as to whether we wanted to have other events. Possibly diving at a different location? Bring any ideas to our next meeting.

New Business: There was discussion as to whether we should have a free weekend this year. It was tabled until next month after review into how much our bank balance has gone down over the years.

There was discussion as to whether we should purchase more sweatshirts, etc. or possibly get an emblem that could be sewn onto whatever we wanted.

This was tabled for more discussion until next month.

Tom B. has new gifting forms if anyone is interested in getting one. He also had a map on California Coast Kayaking and showed us Quantum heat packs to warm up your hands for those cold mornings or dives.

Bob S. shared an article about two men picked up for diving with tanks while abalone diving off season. It was there third offense.

There was discussion about renaming our award for good deeds as the Tom Purtell Golden Bear Award. It was approved.

Plaques for this year were given out at Albion, congrats to everyone!

Largest speared fish – Bob Schildknecht
Largest abalone – Roger Horton
Largest poled fish – Richard North
Sea Bear of the Year – Gary David


Attending our meeting at Albion River Campground were:  Tom and Linda with family members, Tina and Sam and children and niece Lucy Brooks, Richard, Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Nancy B., Jim and Kathy, and Kevin and Margie. 

Membership: Linda is updating the roster.

Newsletter: Get those dive reports written and sent please.

Safety: Dan told members to Be Safe!

Webmaster: making changes to webpage.

Old Business: New management at Albion did not understand about campsite reservations. A block of campsites were in Richard’s name. Next year everyone is responsible to make there own reservations. There will not be a block set aside for Sea Bears. We have to all make sure reservations are made early especially for opening of abalone season and holiday weekends.

Members present voted that they want to have a patch made with the old bear emblem so it can be sewn onto jackets or t-shirts. We need to find the disk with the emblem.

New Business: Richard said that we are loosing members and that a note needs to be put back into the California Diving magazine to try an recruit more members. Kevin and Margie will work on that.

Dive Masters for the weekend Bob T. and Ben had an accident with their trailer between Cordelia and Napa. They are fine but the Broke Back Trailer is broken forever.

It was voted and approved that the next meeting be at Albion River Campground on Saturday, September 3rd, campout for the Labor Day weekend.


Attending our meeting at Albion River Campground: Tom & Linda, Dan, Nancy B., Tom and Audrey, Richard and Anne, Kathy and Jim, Kevin and Margie. Visitors: Tina Haines and Lucy Brooks.

VP Tom thanked everyone who attended for the weekend and felt that everyone was having a good time.

No Secretary or Treasurer’s report. Just a reminder that $30 was owed to members who camped the opening weekend of diving August 5th to 7th.

Newsletter: Remember to get you’re dive reports sent or emailed to Margie.

Membership: Linda will have updated rosters to everyone soon.

Safety: Dan reminded members to not press their luck when out in the water. Make sure you check out gear to make sure you have everything in order. Prepare yourself for when you are going out in the water and start taking your sea sickness medication a few days in advance.

Webmaster: No changes. Kevin will be updating the website.

Old business: Ann North has a digitized sea bear logo and will be forwarding the logo to Kevin. Lucy Brooks commented that if we were looking for screened items with the logo we could look at (CaféPress.com) and setup an account that individuals could order their own items individually. Tom and Kevin commented on looking into the website for Café Press.

New Business: There was discussion as to what requirements were for new members since we had two individuals interested in joining. We found that Tina and Lucy had both met the requirements in attending 2 meetings and 2 campouts. They were both voted in as new members and the meeting.

There was discussion about our Christmas Party. Further discussion at the next meeting to determine where it will be held.

Following campouts scheduled: September 16th – 18th with Roger Horton, September 30th-Oct. 2nd Kevin Puent, Oct. 28th – 30th Dan Wilson and Thanksgiving Weekend Richard North.

Next Meeting at Round Table Pizza October 5th.


Attending our meeting: Tom & Linda, Walt & Barbara, Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Bob T., Bob & Judy, Craig & Linda, Alex, Gary, Kevin & Margie.

New rosters are attached. Please review and if there is anything incorrect contact Linda Brooks for changes. Membership dues to Linda by 1/1/12.

Dan reported that he has seen many accidents on the highway now that roads are slick. Be careful when driving and diving, make your trip safe.

Webmaster: Kevin reported that he will update the website. Dept. of Fish & Game has commented on the die off of abalone on the Sonoma coast that most likely DFG will push to change the abalone take to 12 per year. Gary will look into S.C.A.N. who is a sportsman’s interest group who fight for our rights with the DFG. Sea Bears should consider joining in support for legal representation at the DFG meetings. (http://www.abalonenetwork.org/home) website, membership $20. per year.

Our Christmas Party will be at Bob & Judy’s home on December 10th. More information at our next meeting.

Kevin and Tom are looking into having a patch made with the “Old dog” logo.

Tom B. encouraged members to make reservations for the year 2012 at Albion. A suggestion for the club to take a campsite for the potlucks in lieu of free camping was suggested instead of free camping weekend.

Nominations were made for the year 2012 officers. Voting at November meeting.

President: Tom B.
Vice Pres: Gary D., Bob S. and Tom C.
Secretary: Richard
Safety: Dan W.
Membership: Linda B.
Treasurer: Walt P.
Webmaster: Kevin Puent
Newsletter: Audrey C.

Congratulations to Craig for his 10-1/8” abalone take on a September dive. He was awarded his $100 at the meeting. Bob S. commented on how clear the waters were on the September 16th dive weekend. On the September 30th dive weekend there was no visibility 12inches away found by all members who went into the water.

Craig nominated Gary for the Golden Abalone Award for assisting him in a kelp entanglement on a free dive south of Albion.

Margie Puent, Newsletter


Attending were Tom & Linda B., Tom & Audrey, Bob & Judy, Craig & Linda, Walt, Richard, Kevin & Margie.

VP Tom C. stressed that drivers pulling a trailer especially in the construction areas have to be very cautious.

Membership: Give dues to Linda Brooks by January 1st, 2012

Safety: Be careful of those great whites, per Tom B.

Webmaster: Changes coming on the website. There is a new magazine “California Diver” that Kevin will put a link to on the website.

Old Business: Judy had a signup sheet on what to bring. Attached please find a flyer and give Judy or Bob a call to let her know what you can bring.

Parents with children can bring their child to the party if they want.

Walt brought a list of what he had in his attic and will bring to the next December meeting. There may be items that can be used at the Christmas Party.

Remember to call Albion and setup camping for next year. Opening in April and 2nd weekend in August, and holiday weekends.

Attached you’ll also find a ballot for next years officers. Please complete and bring to the meeting or send in a sealed envelope to President Tom Brooks, 2684 Shady Draw, Pinole, CA 94564.

New Business: Dive calendar will be made in January.

Richard went diving with a group of people from Benicia and invited them to join our group at a meeting or a dive weekend.

From Bodega Bay to the Salt Point area of the Sonoma Coast has been posted closed for abalone diving due to the big die off caused by the red tide that occured in late August and early September.

Best wishes to Jeri W. and Kathy A. who just had surgery. Hope you are both on the road to recovery.


Attending meeting: Tom & Linda Brooks, Dan & Jeri, Bob & Judy, Alex, Walt, Craig & Linda, Kevin & Margie.

Membership: Dues to Linda Brooks by Jan. 1st - $25.00.

Safety: Dan reported that if waters are good, diving during winter month is great due to clear water and a great time for crabbing.

Old Business: Remember the Christmas party at Bob & Judy’s on Saturday, December 10th.

Judy reminded us that opening weekend at Albion is Easter. We can discuss in January whether we want to change our first dive weekend.

We need to look into purchasing of Sea Bear patches cost.

New Business:

In January we need to vote on Sea Bear of the Year. Margie will look over her dive reports to find who the recipients of the largest poled and speared fish. All plaques need to be returned to Tom Brooks.

New Officers for 2012:
President- Tom B.
Vice President – Gary D.
Secretary – Richard N.
Treasurer – Walt P.
Membership – Linda B.
Webmaster – Kevin Puent
Safety – Dan W.
Newsletter – Audrey C.
Congratulations to all returning and new officers!

Best wishes to Craig B. Hope your surgery went well and you are now on the road to recovery.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Sea Bears!

Margie Puent, Newsletter


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