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   Diablo Sea Bears - January 2012 Newsletter

January Meeting:

Attending: Tom & Linda B., Tom & Audrey C., Dan W., Bob & Judy S., Alex, Walt, Craig & Linda B., Kevin & Margie P.
Visitors: Steve V.H., Paul L.

Membership Report: Linda reported everyone is paid for 2012.

Safety: Dan told members to go through their dive gear and make sure they have everything serviced.

Old Business:  Members voted for Sea Bear Of The Year: Recipient will be announced at the first dive weekend in April.
Opening weekend will still be Easter Weekend and there were some discussions as to having a dive activity.
Make sure you have your reservations at Albion for opening dive weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and opening* in August 10th, 11th, & 12th.
(*Editors Note: August 10th through 12th is not the opening weekend of August, but was selected so as not to conflict with a Kayak Fishing Tournament being held on the 3rd through 5th weekend.)

New Business:  Reminder for members to get their Ab Cards returned to DFG.  Needs to be done before you can get a new Ab Card.
Steve V.H.  was mentioning the affect of the die off of abalone on the Sonoma Coast will impact the taking of abalone up at Albion area.
Dan said that members should get together and attend the meeting the MLPA Committee will have, to put our voice out there so they have to understand how many people are concerned.
Tom B. commented on how he’d like for the club to have safety exercises when out of the water and to have other activities throughout the year.  Come with suggestions to our next meeting.  Tom also said that the Club needs a new flag.  Once we have the log issue resolved we can get a price onordering one.
Steve mentioned classes available by Dan Silvers at Dolphin Dive Center (in Sacramento) for spearfishing.  (Dan’s website is spearfishingisnotacrime.com)

Next meeting is February 1st.

(Newsletter Editor Note: To keep expenses down, I would like to know how many members would accept receiving their Newsletter by e-mail.  Please let me know at the February meeting - Thanks, Audrey.)

Activities:  Fort Bragg - January 20-21
Crab and Wine Days:
Feast on Dungeness crab and enjoy Cioppino dinner, the Crab Cake Cook-Off & Wine Tasting Competition, and a silent auction during this benefit for Mendicino Coast clinics. (707-961-3463)

(If members have news items they want to share with the club or dive items to sell, please e-mail information to Audrey)

Cheesy Potato Recipe:
4 Servings
About 4-5 Red Potatoes
2/3’s of a cube of butter or margarine
Grated parmesan cheese
Slice or chunk potatoes and put in ungreased baking dish.  Cut the butter (or margarine) into chunks and place in potatoes.  Cover with foil and bake at 325 degrees until potatoes are cooked.  When potatoes are done, sprinkle with parmesan cheese on top and put back in oven long enough for cheese to melt.

If any members have a special recipe to share - Please email them to audreycrist@sbcglobal.net

Audrey C., Newsletter

   Diablo Sea Bears - February 2012 Newsletter

Minutes from the February 1st, 2012 Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Tom B. at 7:30.  Attending: Linda B., Tom & Audrey C., Richard N., Dan W., Bob T. & Walt P., and Kevin & Margie P.

January Minutes were read.  Linda B. made a correction that there is still one member who has not paid their 2012 dues.

Treasurer: Walt report the balance of the Sea Baers account.

Safety: Dan reminded that we have the flu season (upon us) and that we should all remember to wash our hands (regularly).

Webmaster: Kevin reported he has been working on the webpage and is making changes and should have it all updated soon.  Bob S. sent a copy of the “Old bear” with Richard to the meeting.  Richard to e-mail a copy of the picture to Kevin so he can look into getting patches.

Newsletter: Please send emails to Audrey and let her know if it will be okay for her to sent Newsletters via e-mail or if you’d prefer via the (paper) mail. (audreycrist@sbcglobal.net).

Old Business: A dive calendar was made for the year 2012 and will be sent to members shortly.

New Business: Tom B. discussed that Linda B. had called The Red Cross asking about CPR certification and the cost is $90.00 per person.  They are going to check other sources to see of anyone provides classes at a lesser cost and will let us know at the next meeting.

Meeting ended at 8:15.

Next meeting, Wednesday, March 7th.

  Diablo Sea Bears - March 2012 Newsletter

Attending meeting: Tom & Linda B., Dan, Jeri and Barbara, Alex, Bob & Judy, Walt, Craig & Linda, Bob T., Gary, Kevin and Margie.

Newsletter – Let Audrey know if you will accept Newsletters via email.

Membership – Everyone paid for this year.

Safety – Dan told everyone to take precautions because there is lots of flu out there. Divers, Don’t mess with mother nature. Remember to check your gear and get it ready for the new season.

Webmaster – Website has been updated.

Old Business: We all went over dates for 2012 Dive Calendar and added the weekend of April 20-22 and July 13-15 as campout weekends. Signups for divemasters was passed around meeting.

New Business: Opening of Salmon season is April 7th. Tom shared that divers need to remember that each diver is responsible for their abalone and cannot comingle in a tube with another divers abs.
Walt told members that he had cook stoves left from when there use to be abalone feeds. Craig Black and Bob Schildknecht were interested in buying from the club for $40 each.
Our April dive meeting will be at Albion Campground on April 7th, opening weekend.

Audrey is recovering from hip surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Margie Puent for Audrey Crist


Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Brooks at 7:30.
Members present: Linda B., Dan & Jeri, Nancy B., Bob S., Bob T., Gary, Walt, Craig & Linda, Kevin & Margie.
Guests: Amanda & Elvira, Izabelle
Minutes from the November 7, 2012 meeting were read and approved without changes.
Vice President: No Report
Treasurer: Bank Account Balance $1,803.03. $765.00 was paid to Vallejo Moose Lodge for hosting and catering the Christmas Party.
Membership: Dues are payable by January 1, 2013 to keep current.
Safety: Roads are wet – drive safely and keep plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
Webmaster: No reportable action.
Old Business: - Details for the Christmas Party were finalized.
–Elections were held for the 2013 Officers with the results:
President: Dan Wilson
Vice President: Richard North
Treasurer: Walt Purtell
Secretary/Newsletter: Tom Brooks
Membership: Judy Schildknecht
Safety: Bob Schildknecht
Webmaster: Kevin Puent

New Business:- Please return plaques at the February meeting so they can be engraved and presented at the April meeting.
-Voting for Sea Bear of the Year 2012 will be at the March meeting.
-Turn in Ab cards, Lobster cards & Sturgeon cards by Jan 31,2013. Don’t forget to buy your 2013 Fishing License.
- Gary offered to share access to discounts at West Marine (see him for details).
- Set up meetings at Round Table for 2013.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05.

Next meeting will at Round Table Pizza, Benicia January 2, 2013.


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