2013 Dive Reports

Dive Weekend

April 5th, 6th & 7th
Memorial Day Weekend
June 7th & 8th

June 7th-9th.
It was only a small group but we had the benefit of the cold ocean breezes. On Saturday only Roger went in the water and swears that he had an 10in Abb until equipment failure intervened. After a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 70s we had an excellent pot luck: barbecued tri tip, taco salad, albion roast salmon, brie and french bread and two excellent deserts. As the inland temperatures (107) were discussed, we put more logs on the fire and were treated to a peach cobbler with ice cream made by one of our dinner guests. On Sunday Bob T launched the Bad Boys and was rewarded by a 9inch Abb.  
Next dive 21st - 23rd June

Dive Master

Seabears memorial day weekend
Bob & Judy S.
Richard & Anne N.
Tom & Audrey C.
Craig & Linda & Caitlin B. with guests, Kim, Ken,
Bob & Debbie T.
Dan & Geri & Nancy
Guests Steve & Janice, Rhinehart(sp)
Divemasters Kevin & Margie

Abs: Bob S. - 8-1/2"
Dan -
Bob T. - 9-1/4"
No fish were reported caught.

Friday and Saturday were pretty much blown out though we still had good potluck & fireside chats.  Sunday calmed down and those who wanted went out.  Bob S, Dan W, and Kevin P retrieved Bobs crab traps from Albion and dropped them at Navarro.  They then did a dive north of the Navarro beach and came back to check and reposition the traps.  Got 10 or 11 keepers in about 1-1/2 hours.  They left the traps overnite to be retrieved Monday.  Sunday potluck was another good'n.

April 5th, 6th & 7th
Opening weekend... abalone... Dan, Jeri, grand daughter Avery, Nancy B.... Tom, Linda, daughter Jennifer... Tom, Audrey...Kevin, Margie, granddaughter Elvira... Roger, Nancy H.... Bob, Judy S... and... Richard were in attendance.  What a nice weekend.  On Friday... Tom and Dan ventured out to their secret spot and were surprised how nice the conditions were, all things considered... they were both successful...  Tom C. ventured out up North...  Richard, Tom B. and Dan went to pull crab traps that were set the day before and did well... We had a nice Friday night campfire and tried not to mention the R word (rain)... it started sprinkling about ten pm...  Saturday morning Roger, Tom B. and Dan went out to find the conditions had gotten nasty due to the rough ocean...  Roger scored...  The pot luck dinner was held at 6 pm, followed by a club meeting around a campfire...  Bob, Kevin and Richard did not dive.  The largest abalone of the weekend was pulled by Diver Dan 9-3/16 "   That's it folks... Bob S.



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