2015 Dive Reports

September (Labor Day Weekend) Dive Report

What a great weekend.  We had three days of sun and fun.  It was a relaxing weekend for all.  Attending:  Dan and Geri W, Kevin & Margie P, Richard N, Bob T., with two guests, Tom B., Tom & Audrey C, Richard & Ann N. joined us for dinner Saturday evening. 

Dan got the biggest Abalone – 9-1/4”
Water was too rough for diving on Sunday.

Dive Master:  Tom C.

Diablo Seabears  August 21- 23 Dive

By Dan W

 Tom B. and I arrived late Friday night around 10:00. On site were Roger and Nancy H, Bob and Judy S.

We set up the trailer and turned in for the night.

 The next morning we planned our diving out. Tom and I needed to see if the boat we bought would be water worthy. It ran good. Bob joined Tom and myself while Roger teamed up with Steve L. and before long we were out to Heritage House ready to hit the water.

 I looked down towards the water and told Tom and Bob that I could see the bottom.  Visibility varied between 12-20 feet, depending on where you were and the direction you were looking. We all limited too fast, except Roger, as he pulled three abalone that were  9+ inches.

 Dinner bell was a little after 6:30. Plenty of food and delicious it was. After dinner we all joined around the campfire. 

It was fantastic enjoying the fire and conversations with my friends.

The next morning we packed up and headed for home.

Largest ab- Roger Horton  9 and 1/4 inch.

Hope to see all of you Labor Day.

Dan W.

Second Opener, August 1-2, 2015

Limits of crabs were obtained by Craig, Bob S.,and Dan.  Craig did a tank dive with a friend lot's of surge.  Dan, Tom B., and Bob S. went out tank diving lot's of surge.   Few fish were speared.  Tom B., Kevin, Dan and Bob S.,Craig, and Bob T. went Ab diving in poor visibility water.  Richard got used to his new boat and fished.   Linda Black went fishing in the ocean for the first time and caught a 12.5 lb ling on Fri. and an 18 lb ling on Saturday...Wow!  The largest abalone of the weekend went to Craig 9-3/8".  No speared fish were weighed in.  The largest fish caught on a pole went to Linda B. 18 lb. lingcod...Good job.  We were scattered through the campground but had about 28 people for the potluck followed by a campfire.  Thanks.

Memorial Day Weekend Dive Master's Report.

Friday most of us arrived.  Kevin & Margie P., Tom & Audrey C., Bob & Judy S., Dan & Geri W. with Nancy . and Bob T & Deb.  Richard and Ann N were at their place in Fort Bragg.  We were not all able to camp next to each other.  We had our normal campfire gathering.

Saturday the weather was unsettled.  It went from sunny to foggy to sunny, but with wind and whitecaps, no one went out. Dan & Bob T. worked on their boat motor.  Still having problems with it.  The ladies went to Fort Bragg for their garage sale spree.  We had another nice potluck and campfire.

Sunday was overcast and breezy again.  Bob T. and Deb left and Dan didn't take the RIB out so it was a  quiet day.  Potluck proved to be the usual huge quantities of delicious food.  The campfire was lively again.



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